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The question was how to develop a former horse stable of King Ludwig into a sought-after restaurant. We saw fire in the middle of the room, there should be a bustle like in a marketplace. This resulted in the Brenner restaurant with a charcoal grill in the middle of the room. Besides the concept, the second challenge was the service organization: How do you coordinate 3 different kitchens and service to serve 2000 guests?
Restaurant Brenner Logo - Case Study

Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle

A beautiful place in the Bavarian Forest, surrounded by dark green fir trees and the river: Black Rain. And the Schnitzmühle - A family-run hotel with Bavarian cuisine. We were invited there with our partner Professor Kleiber Wurm. They needed a change. The challenge: under-occupancy of the hotel, an old camping site and two generations. The parents: traditional and fans of roast pork. The children: modern, energetic and eager to try something new. With a preference for Thai cuisine. We have worked out a concept how to give the hotel a modern and unique spirit and combine both worlds - traditional and modern.
Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle


About Love, Life & Big Questions
When you make a new appearance for a company, you have to dive deep into the activities and people behind it. But when a self-employed person wants to redefine themselves, you have to go much deeper, especially when it comes to a topic as personal as psychotherapy. That was our goal along with Christopher Ofenstein, a top psychotherapist, author and lecturer.
Christopher Ofenstein Case Study


BMW and MINI - very successful and alert companies that attach great importance to quality and productivity. These values are also firmly anchored in the employees. We thought: "How can we move away from process thinking and bring more empathy and emotion into the way employees think and act?"
BMW Logo Case Studies


How can you bring experienced and inexperienced employees to a common level?
How can you train new product lines sustainably? How can employees learn from each other? How do you build team spirit? How to increase additional sales, train presence, attention, empathy? How do you address customers on the floor in a modern language? The solution is Power Briefing. A simple and very efficient system how teams coach themselves.
Ludwig Beck Shopping Centre Case Study


Which gastronomy concept makes a gym the center of attention in Fürstenfeldbruck?
That was our task for the Hardy's gym. The family-owned company Hardy's had a lot planned for 2022: A complete remodel of their gym in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. The gym, which by the way has more members than there are inhabitants in Greifenberg, should now not only be a cool gym, but also become THE meeting place in Fürstenfeldbruck. Together with Hardy's, we have developed a deli concept where you can enjoy healthy smoothies and soul food, but also an Aperol Spritz or a cold beer.
Dailys Juice Bar Kitchen Case Study


Bar Centrale - a small Italian espresso bar in downtown Munich. A prime example: when guests cross the threshold, they must leave Munich and enter Italy. This means that the service is also awake like in Verona, communicating in Italian, spreading mood, exuding vacation feeling. "Un Aperol Spritz, un succo d'arancia fresco o un caffè?" When visiting an Italian coffee shop, the customer doesn't want to drink coffee like from the supermarket - he wants to feel the "Dolce Vita"! With individual scripts and daily power briefings, we succeeded in doing just that.
Bar Centrale Case Study