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Emotion, empathy and inspiration.
Every attractive and modern service - be it in a store, in a restaurant or in the service, captivates with its own style. Only through a unique service script can the strategic concept be fully realized. It is important not only to provide customers with good service, but also to transport them into another world. When we visit a cool sneaker store, we don't buy a sneaker, but a New York street style feeling with hip-hop music, good espresso and the hottest sneakers in the metropolis. For this we develop the Service Script. It gives the service a face, a direction. Through the Service Script, each employee receives a reliable guideline and can embody the overall concept. The service becomes measurable, trainable and controllable. New employees can be trained professionally with this medium and experienced employees can be kept on track with the service concept.
Many service faces and strategies have been created for BMW, Hans im Glück, Ludwig Beck, McYes for McDonalds, Service for Value for Club Robinson or New York Spirit for the Brenner Restaurant in Munich. The Service Script in sales is 100% focused on emotion sells and is the key to precise and sales-oriented service.
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We accompany you through the entire process.
When a business does a major remodel or even creates a new business, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture in the remodeling/setup process. You work with many different people, from interior designers to food designers to various product service providers. Questions come up about lamp and tableware selection, exterior wall colors, layout, guidelines and many more. Often, what is missing here is a central person to turn to for a wide variety of questions and challenges, and to help you make the right and important decisions.
This is the role we take on.
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From employee to member & fan
We need employees who shine, have power and inspire customers. But we can only achieve this if our employees are fans of our company and identify with it. With the offering and the corporate culture. But how do you achieve that? What do employees expect from the company and their superiors these days? How do I lead, inspire and enthuse employees?
We turn leaders into impulse generators.


One of the most important issues of any company is building a community. We can see at a glance how moods arise in a business and what can be done to build this community.
Here's an example: When you walk into a gym, cardio equipment like treadmills are usually facing the window so you can see outside. But what people forget: People don't just go to the gym to work out, they go to belong to a community, to watch and be seen. That's why fitness equipment must always face the room. That way, the energy flows inward and we can observe what's happening in the gym.
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